The fiscal environment is constantly changing, which requires planning and a detailed analysis of the applications and adaptations. In this sense, we consider all current aspects of taxation and economics. We cover the full range of services relating to tax advice.

Our Services:

  1. Advice and tax information through circulars and monthly newsletter.
  2. Concrete and specific advice to management and staff, through reports to effect personal and telephone interviews, video conferencing and email.
  3. Defense and professional assistance with any requirement or tax revision that the company may suffer and possible study and processing resources at the administrative level.
  4. Calculation, review, assessment and processing of tax returns, both indirect taxation as a direct, monthly, quarterly or yearly to be formalize the company.
  5. Review and, where appropriate, correction of tax accounting from the media and data supplied by the company.
  6. Preparation of annual financial information for the first three quarters and projective completion of an annual report in order to analyze the evolution of the company and its possible outcome.
  7. Annual closing of accounts with preparation of balance sheet and profit and loss, with subsequent calculation and processing of the declaration of the income tax.
  8. Study, preparation, calculation and processing of returns for income tax and Heritage.
  9. Any other tax-related management related to legal obligations of the company.